Introducing NLP in 30 secs: The benefits of a curious mindset.


Ok you’re not actually going to learn NLP in 30 seconds but I have chewed a whole practitioner course up and will regurgitate the best bits in upcoming blog posts… Starting with the benefits of keeping a curious mindset.

Firstly, NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. It’s all about understanding how individuals label and store information in their brains as maps and models. There are lots of great tools and frameworks in NLP so you can change your own behaviour or understand the models/maps of the world people have built for themselves.

For personal application… It’s a toolkit to help you focus on how to improve your situations instead of just dwelling on stuff… How to choose peace in the midst of chaos.
For coaching and helping others there are tools to understand and empower them achieve their goals…

Ok some quick content for you…
Experience happens because our senses are activated…
We then create labels to store an internal representation of what that experience meant to us (a memory/map/model if you like). Different labels = different internal representations… What this means is…Everyone is creating their own reality.

We create our reality by labelling it & ordering it in a way that makes sense to us. We identify patterns & label based on previous experiences… We create our own maps of the world based on our own database of experiences.

What this also means is that there is no right or wrong, the way someone orders information in their mind, is as unique as the fingerprints on their fingers…

There is however better or worse.

Some people create models of the world that do not help them achieve their goals. The internal representations of certain experiences cause fear, pain, thoughts, emotions and behaviours that contradict and in turn constrict the persons reality.

The best internal representations educate us but do not tie us down. Keeping a library of experiences is important for survival, like when caveman 1 sees caveman 2 eat delicious looking red berries & die a painful death… It’s worth him keeping that info on hand next time he is hungry and said delicious looking berries are hanging ripe within his grasps.

The best internal representations are created through curiosity. Taking in the experience and consciously taking a moment to appreciate the sensory experience before automatically labelling, storing in your memory database and building on your existing maps.

Your brain likes feeling clever and in familiar territory which is why we auto label so frequently… “Ahhhh, I’ve seen this before… I know what this is!”… But what happens when you throw out the maps for a moment and allow yourself to simply experience and take in the territory…?

There are clear benefits to making a conscious effort to maintain a curious mindset:
– When you don’t have a map, you can identify new tracks, quicker ways, adventures!
– When there are no preconceived endings so you are able to explore & journey without driving an outcome
– When you don’t have a plan, you can take more risks!
– When you experience and observe you allow test & learn to become part of your life!

Don’t get me wrong, drawing on past experiences (maps) is important so you can learn & grow (and avoid those poisonous berries)… But adopting a curious mindset opens you up to the possibility that you will never know everything there is to know…

You create your own reality, so as the master of your own reality and driver if your life experience you are capable of manifesting the life that you desire.

Stay tuned for more bite size NLP insights πŸ™‚


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